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Application of JSDL Extreme Speed Power Company's New High-Efficiency and Ultra-Energy-Saving Air Crusher

Sichuan Jisu Power Ultrafine Powder Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 2019-12-05

Application of JSDL Extreme Speed Power Company's New High-Efficiency and Ultra-Energy-Saving Air Crusher

——绵阳(原中国人民解放军63820部队575工厂)中国的第一台气流磨的诞生地,公司长期致力于超细粉碎、空气分级技术与设备的开发与研制。 Sichuan Extreme Power Ultrafine Powder Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in China's Science and Technology City -Mianyang (formerly the People's Liberation Army 63820 Army 575 Factory), the birthplace of China's first jet mill. Development and research of technology and equipment. It has a group of experts and professors and experienced engineering and technical personnel who specialize in related research, as well as the strong technical background of 827 Aerodynamics Research Institute.

The company relies on the Army Aerodynamics Research Institute for product development and manufacturing. The research institute is based on aerodynamics and gas-solid two-phase flow theory research. It integrates more than 20 research teams consisting of professors, researchers, and doctors. Various research centers dominated by ultrafine powder processing technologies and equipment such as jet milling, steam milling, jet classification, mechanical crushing and dust removal.

新型高效节能气流粉碎机 是采用超音速气流粉碎,采用闭式系统。 One of the main products of the JSDL super-speed power series: the new high-efficiency energy-saving air-flow pulverizer adopts supersonic air-flow pulverization and adopts a closed system. This model combines the fluid dynamics numerical simulation software developed by the Army Aerodynamics Institute to calculate the most suitable flow field and the most ideal pressure distribution to guide the design, which greatly improves the crushing efficiency, reduces energy consumption, and reduces excessive crushing. .

Application of JSDL series new high-efficiency energy-saving air-flow crusher in military industry:

超细陶瓷粉 可制成超硬塑性抗冲击材料,可用其制造坦克和装甲车复合板,这种复合板较普通坦克钢板重量轻 30%~50%,而抗冲击强度较之提高1~3倍,是一种极好的新型复合材料 固体氧化剂、炸药及催化剂超细化 后,制成的推进剂的燃烧速度较普通推进剂的燃烧速度可提高 1~10倍,可提高火箭发动机的命中精度和威力,对实现国防现代化极为重要。 Ultra-fine ceramic powder can be used to make super-hard plastic impact resistant materials, which can be used to manufacture tank and armored vehicle composite panels. This composite panel is 30% -50% lighter than ordinary tank steel plates , and the impact strength is improved by 1-3. Times, it is an excellent new type of composite material ; after solidification of solid oxidants, explosives and catalysts , the burning speed of the propellants produced can be increased by 1 to 10 times than that of ordinary propellants , which can improve rocket engines. The accuracy and power of hits is extremely important for the modernization of national defense.

Application of JSDL series new high-efficiency energy-saving jet mill in food industry:

Apple peel, citrus peel, wheat bran, corn husk, soybean husk, rice bran, beet dregs, bagasse, etc. are rich in vitamins and trace elements and have good nutritional value. 另外,大部分果蔬皮、核均含有特定的营养成分,通过超细化加工可直接转变为食品原料。 Through refined processing, it can significantly improve the taste and absorption of food, so that the fruit and vegetable resources are fully utilized, and the nutrition and variety of food are enriched . In addition, most fruit and vegetable skins and cores contain specific nutritional components. Chemical processing can be directly converted into food ingredients. For example, the citrus peel core is rich in carbohydrates, minerals, bioflavonoids and other nutrients, and has high medicinal value. After ultra-fine processing of asparagus, it is added to biscuits as a food filler to increase crispness and nutrition, and added to toffee to improve flavor and nutrition; finely processed carrot residue is made into orange-red vegetable paper, which can be used for color Rich food packaging can also be eaten directly.

Application of JSDL series new high-efficiency energy-saving jet mill in medicine and pesticide industry:

当药物粉碎到 10μm至1μm时药物就会出现定量准确、易吸收、特异性、靶向性等新的优点。 Ultrafine pulverization of Chinese medicinal materials not only has the characteristics of processing without pollution, maintaining the original chemical properties of the material, and good powder modeling, etc., but also can make Chinese medicinal materials have unique small size effects, surface or interface effects, etc. Shows many excellent properties ; when the drug is crushed to 10 μm to 1 μm, the drug will have new advantages such as quantitative accuracy, easy absorption, specificity, and targeting. It can give full play to the role of drugs, improve drug efficacy, and reduce the financial burden on patients. After ultrafine pulverization of pesticide raw materials, the 150-200 mesh particle size powder obtained by the traditional pulverization process can be pulverized to 5-10 μm or less, and its uniformity, dispersibility, and drug contact area are significantly increased. Therefore, the bactericidal, insecticidal and herbicidal effects are significantly enhanced, and the use of pesticides is greatly reduced. In addition, the ultrafine powder has a large specific surface area, strong adsorption capacity, and resistance to rain erosion, thereby maintaining the long-term efficacy of pesticides. Correspondingly, the ultrafine powder has a faster surface decomposition rate in agricultural and sideline products and the environment due to its strong surface activity, so the amount of pesticide residues is reduced and pollution is reduced.

Application of JSDL series new high-efficiency energy-saving air-flow crusher in daily chemical industry:

Lipsticks, skin creams, facial masks, soaps, toothpastes, shampoos, and bath products in cosmetics all contain a large amount of solid powders, such as titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, pigments, and pigments. The ultra-fine crushing technology is applied to the manufacture of high-grade powder-pressed cosmetics, which can improve the powder structure and greatly improve the powder-pressing performance and product quality.

The ultrafine pulverization of the active material can greatly reduce the dissolution temperature of the active material, which is beneficial to the maintenance of activity and transdermal absorption.

80℃时溶解2h,如果经过超细粉碎,在80℃时只需几分钟便可溶解,极大地保持了抗菌活性。 For example, allantoin and andrographolide in skin care products need to be dissolved at 80 ° C for 2 hours. After ultra-fine crushing, it can be dissolved in only a few minutes at 80 ° C, which greatly maintains antibacterial activity.

Application of JSDL series new high-efficiency energy-saving jet mill in chemical industry

With the development of the chemical industry, the application of ultra-fine non-metallic mineral materials with a wide range of raw materials sources, relatively cheap prices, and relatively mature processing and manufacturing technologies has become more and more important in the chemical industry.

Al2O3粉体,因其具有机械强度高、硬度大、高温绝缘电阻高、耐化学腐蚀性和导热性良好等优良综合技术性能,已被广泛应用于化工行业的各个生产环节中。 For example, ultra-fine and high-purity Al2O3 powder has been widely used in various production links of the chemical industry because of its excellent comprehensive technical performance such as high mechanical strength, high hardness, high temperature insulation resistance, good chemical resistance and thermal conductivity. .

1~5倍,赤磷超细化后不仅可制成高性能燃烧剂,而且与其它有机物反映可生成新的阻燃材料。 After ultra-refining the catalyst, the cracking speed of petroleum can be increased by 1 to 5 times. After ultra-refining red phosphorus, it can not only be made into a high-performance combustion agent, but also reflect other organic substances to generate new flame-retardant materials.

The ultra-fine solid components in paints, coatings and dyes can be made into new products with high performance and high adhesion. In paper, plastic and rubber products, the solid fillers such as heavy calcium carbonate, titanium oxide, and silicon oxide can be ultra-refined to produce high-performance coated paper, plastic and rubber products.

In the chemical fiber and textile industries, the use of ultrafine iron oxide and silicon oxide can improve product quality and smoothness.

Application of JSDL series new high-efficiency energy-saving air-flow crusher in new energy industry

With the country's response to the call, China's new energy vehicles have been at the forefront of the world. As the technical requirements have become higher and higher, the requirements for materials and equipment have also become higher and higher. Extreme Speed Power Corporation has been developed and applied for many years. For example, lithium battery negative graphite, silicon carbon, etc. can achieve ultra-narrow particle size distribution and uniform particle shape; lithium battery positive lithium iron phosphate, high nickel ternary materials, lithium manganate, etc., achieve higher particle size classification and shaping. Energy Density.