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Product Details
LS-909 wet and dry two-in-one laser particle size analyzer Most Concerned Products in 2017
Picture of LS-909 Wet and Dry 2in1 Laser Particle Size Analyzer
Reference quote:
10-20 thousand yuan
Information integrity:
Typical user:
Measuring range:
0.02 ~ 2100μm (wet method), 0.1 ~ 2100μm (dry method)
measure time:
1 to 2 minutes
Instrument principle:
Dynamic light scattering
Product introduction

LS-909 laser particle size analyzer is a new generation of particle size analyzer with excellent performance and support for both wet and dry methods, which is developed by Omek based on the needs of users for high performance instruments. LS-909 uses international advanced long focal length optical detection system, optimized dual back and backscattered light detector layout, upgraded analog-to-digital conversion signal acquisition system, innovative adaptive noise suppression algorithm, and imported high-quality He-Ne The laser light source makes the LS-909 laser particle size analyzer capable of meeting the requirements of a wider range of particle size testing. The test has a high degree of automation, large dynamic range, good repeatability, and strong resolving power. Its intelligent measurement and control analysis software, professional definable test report templates, simple and easy-to-use report browsing comparison, and multiple data export functions make granular test analysis easier.

:测量固体粉末或乳液中颗粒的粒度分布。 Use : To measure the particle size distribution of particles in solid powder or emulsion.

   :一束平行光在传播过程中遇到障碍物颗粒,光波会发生散射(衍射)偏转,偏转的角度跟颗粒的大小相关,散射(衍射)现象可以通过 Working principle : A beam of parallel light encounters obstacle particles during the propagation process. The light wave will be scattered (diffracted) and deflected. The angle of deflection is related to the size of the particles. The phenomenon of scattering (diffraction) can pass Mie 散射理论 " Mie scattering theory Fraunhofer 衍射理论 "Or Fraunhofer diffraction theory "The larger the particle size, the smaller the angle of light deflection; the smaller the particle size, the larger the angle of light deflection. The laser particle size analyzer performs particle size analysis based on the physical characteristics of this light wave.
Technical parameters :

1. Test principle: full range Mie scattering theory

0.02~2100μm(湿法)、0.1~2100μm(干法) 2. Test range: 0.02 ~ 2100μm (wet method), 0.1 ~ 2100μm (dry method)

3. Injection method: wet cycle injection

4. Repeatability error: <0.5% (standard sample D50 deviation)

5. Alignment method: intelligent automatic alignment, alignment accuracy 0.2μm

6. Test time: 1-2 minutes

7. Detector: 91 detection channels, consisting of forward, lateral, high-angle, backward and reverse photodetectors

8. Light source type: imported helium-neon laser, power:> 2.0 mW, wavelength: 0.6328 μm

9. ADC analog-to-digital conversion: 18bit

10. Working environment: 5 ~ 35 ℃ (temperature), <85% (relative humidity)

11. Output data: particle size distribution table, particle size distribution curve, average particle size, median diameter, specific surface area, etc.

12. Power supply: 200 ~ 240V AC 50Hz 80VA

13. Appearance size (L × W × H):

Main unit dimensions: 1320 × 340 × 360mm Main unit packaging dimensions: 1600 × 450 × 480mm

Performance characteristics :


  1. Reliable optical platform

    系统采用整体式外罩、铝合金底座和模块化结构设计,防尘防水防外界杂散光效果明显,维护需求极少且简单易行。 The LS-909 system uses a monolithic cover, an aluminum alloy base and a modular structure design. It is dust-proof, waterproof, and stray light-proof. It has minimal maintenance requirements and is easy to implement. The debugging tool is used to adjust the mutual position of the positioning auxiliary detector and the main detector at one time, and the positioning is more accurate, which is conducive to obtaining more accurate large-angle light energy data, which is conducive to the improvement of the test performance of the small particles of the instrument.


  2. Optimized single-lens optical path structure

    包括后向散射在内的所有角度的散射光均能被探测器定位接收;而且单镜头光路中的折射、反射面减到最少,可以进一步降低仪器工作时的背景噪声至极低水平,提高了仪器测量时的信噪比。 Adopting a lens-back Fourier transform structure breaks through the pupil constraints of the Fourier lens, and scattered light at all angles , including backscattering, can be positioned and received by the detector; and the refraction and reflection surfaces in the single-lens optical path are minimized. It can further reduce the background noise of the instrument to a very low level, and improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the instrument during measurement.

3 He-Ne 气体激光光源 High-performance imported He-Ne gas laser light source

He-Ne 气体激光光源,光学质量更好,更加稳定可靠,预热时间短,使用寿命更长,进而适合于要求更为苛刻的应用,相比于其他类型的激光器具有单色性好、相干性高、发散角小、稳定性强等优点,确保了仪器良好的稳定性和极佳分辨力。 The system uses imported He-Ne gas laser light source, which has better optical quality, more stable and reliable, short warm-up time and longer service life, which is suitable for more demanding applications. Compared with other types of lasers, it has monochromaticity. Good, high coherence, small divergence angle, strong stability and other advantages, ensure the instrument's good stability and excellent resolution.


4 New space filter design and patented integrated laser transmitter technology

光源采用一体化激光发射器专利设计(专利号: 00228952.0 )及进口永磁体空间滤波器新设计,消除了衍射环的影响。 The LS-909 light source uses a patented integrated laser transmitter design (patent number: 00228952.0 ) and a new design of an imported permanent magnet space filter, which eliminates the effects of diffraction rings. Combining the laser output power stability detection and filtering smoothing technology, the scattered light energy data is more accurate, which further improves the test performance of the system, especially for large particles.


、合理分布、高感光度的光电探测器组合 5. Reasonable distribution and high sensitivity photodetector combination

激光粒度分析仪对光电探测器布局进行了深度优化整合,由前向、侧向、大角度、双后向及逆向散射光探测器组成三维立体检测系统,所有探测器都精确地布置于傅立叶聚焦平面上,结合低噪音大尺寸的大角度、后向和逆向探测器的应用,确保了仪器具有极佳的动态范围、优秀的分辨力和灵敏度,有效保证小颗粒散射光能信息的全面准确获取,仪器测量下限至 0.02um The LS-909 laser particle size analyzer has deeply optimized the integration of the photodetector layout. It consists of a forward, lateral, large-angle, dual backscattered and backscattered light detector to form a three-dimensional stereo detection system. All detectors are accurately arranged. On the Fourier focusing plane, combined with the application of large-angle, backward and reverse detectors with low noise and large size, it ensures that the instrument has excellent dynamic range, excellent resolution and sensitivity, and effectively guarantees the scattering of light energy information by small particles. Comprehensive and accurate acquisition, the measurement limit of the instrument is 0.02um .


6. Long focal length Fourier lens

激光粒度分析仪选用 556mm 长焦距的傅立叶透镜,增加了测量窗口到光电探测器平面的距离,从而使更小散射角度的散射光信号之间能有足够空间差异被光电探测器准确探测到,最小散射角识别能力为 0.016 度,仪器对大颗粒的测试能力得到增强,测量上限达 2100 μ m The LS-909 laser particle size analyzer uses a 556mm long focal length Fourier lens, which increases the distance from the measurement window to the plane of the photodetector, so that there can be enough spatial difference between scattered light signals with smaller scattering angles to be accurately detected by the photodetector. The minimum scattering angle recognition ability is 0.016 degrees, and the instrument's ability to test large particles has been enhanced, with an upper measurement limit of 2100 μm .


7 , Intelligent automatic alignment

Intelligent software controls the automatic alignment system to ensure accurate optical alignment and ensure repeatability of multiple measurements. 0.2um ,速度更快,既可作为自动测量的一部分,亦可在屏幕上单击鼠标来完成。 Automatic centering mechanism with accuracy of 0.2um and faster speed. It can be used as part of automatic measurement or by clicking the mouse on the screen. Combined with intelligent judgment alignment software functions, it avoids the deviation of results caused by poor alignment in traditional particle size measurement, and can prolong the life of the alignment mechanism.


8 Advanced data acquisition and processing technology

8 通道 18 ADC 模数转换采样技术和超低泄露电流采样保持开关,满量程精度高达 0.15% 的同时,电背景更低,结合电背景补偿功能,有利于获得更加准确的光能数据,提高了光能获取的动态范围,测试分辨能力也得到相应提高。 Using optimized synchronous 8- channel 18 -bit ADC analog-to-digital conversion sampling technology and ultra-low leakage current sample-and-hold switch, while the full-scale accuracy is as high as 0.15% , the electrical background is lower, combined with the electrical background compensation function, it is beneficial to obtain more accurate light Energy data, the dynamic range of light energy acquisition is improved, and the test resolution is also improved accordingly.


9.High-performance, easy-to-use dry test system
LS-909 dry test sample injection system consists of dry sample injector, fully enclosed sample window, silent pump air compressor, oil-water filter and vacuum cleaner. The sample cell has a triple adjustment design, the feeding speed is accurate and stable, the test shading ratio is well controlled, and the sample volume is saved. Built-in dispersion pressure sensor monitors dispersion pressure in real time and has error warning function. The dry method window adopts a closed pipe design, combined with the negative pressure protection design of the high-power vacuum cleaner window and the dust recovery device, to maximize the recovery of the sample, so that the host is not affected by dust. The above-mentioned various properties together ensure the adaptability of LS-909 to dry testing of various samples and the excellent repeatability and authenticity of test results.
DPF-110 automatic dry sample injection system

1) The appearance design is simple, smooth and beautiful in appearance.
2) The sampler communicates with the host computer and has software SOP automatic test functions, including automatic positive and negative pressure switches, automatic feeding, automatic sample measurement, and automatic cleaning.
3) The dispersion pressure is 0.5 ~ 6Bar high-precision stepless adjustable, with built-in dispersion pressure sensor.
4) Automatic identification of the scattered state of the sample, with automatic shading ratio limiting function and abnormal warning function.
5) Design of sample cell with multiple adjustable mechanisms including angle, vibration frequency, throttle with scale, etc. The vibration frequency of the sample cell is controlled by software and continuously adjustable.
6) The fully enclosed sampler design with noise reduction function isolates the powder from contaminating the instrument and requires less maintenance.
7) The maximum volume of the hopper: 30mL; the vibration acceleration of the injection: 0 ~ 12G stepless adjustable.
8) The sampler dispersion tube is made of corundum porcelain, which has good dispersion effect and long working life.
9) The special dry method window has the dual advantages of airflow protection and quartz glass interface window, which greatly reduces the maintenance and wiping of the window, and improves the service life of the window glass.
10) Modular design, convenient for inspection and maintenance.

10.High-performance wet cycle sampling system

SCF-105B fully automatic sampling system
1) The appearance design is simple, smooth and beautiful in appearance.
2) Adopt self-priming pump for water inlet, with automatic water inlet, automatic emptying, automatic air bubble discharging and automatic cleaning functions. You can also choose the tap water inlet configuration.
3) The sample cell adopts an open design for easy operation.
4) The sampler communicates with the host, and all controls and actions are realized through software operation.
5) The DC motor imported from Switzerland is adopted, which adopts round belt drive and centrifugal pump structure, which has the advantages of high cycle efficiency, low noise, large flow rate and fast flow rate.
6) Motor speed is 0 ~ 4000r / min, steplessly adjustable, control accuracy is ± 20 rpm.
7) The volume of the circulating sampler is 500ml, and the maximum flow rate of the circulating pipeline is 2.5L / min.
8) Built-in bottom ultrasonic function, the ultrasonic power reaches 50W, and the ultrasonic power and ultrasonic time are infinitely adjustable.
9) Modular design, convenient for inspection and maintenance.
* According to customer needs, it can be used with SCF-108, SCF-126 wet cycle sampling system

11.Double sampler port, intelligent dry and wet switching
The LS-909 host adopts a dual sampler port design, which can be connected and configured with dry and wet automatic samplers at the same time, which is automatically recognized by the software and can quickly switch the sampler to be tested. Randomly configure the injector window base to prevent window contamination. Combining easy-to-switch window design and high-precision fast automatic centering, the conversion of dry and wet test is simple and fast.

12.Computer software functions that are intelligent, friendly, and compatible with multiple applications
1) Modern functional partitioned system software, simple and easy to operate, with SOP standard operation process functions, standardizing the analysis and testing process and reducing the impact of human factors.
2) The software can select automatic centering, manual centering and one-button automatic centering, and has the function of intelligent centering judgment. It can determine whether the centering is needed automatically based on the instrument status information, and the test is more time-saving and efficient.
3) Multiple test report modes: with universal test report, sieving test report, percent test report, average report, statistical report, fitting report function, and customizable professional test report template function. The test report can be exported to pdf, excel, word format or other text format, and the report chart can be saved by right-clicking directly.
4) You can view the results of multiple test reports at the same time, and perform graphic comparison and numerical statistical analysis of the data. Supports sorting, sorting, and filtering functions based on multiple parameters such as date, characteristic particle size, or average result, and can output in tabular form.

5) A comprehensive and open database of sample parameters with more than 200 common material optical parameters. Users can also customize the material and refractive index, including the real and imaginary parts of the refractive index (corresponding to the sample's absorbance).

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