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2020 The 12th Shanghai International Conveying Machinery and Belt Industry Exhibition

Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center Date: 2020/05 / 07-2020 / 05/09

Tags: Shanghai May 07, 2020

Held concurrently: Shanghai International Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition


Asian Rubber Industry Association Tape Branch China Transportation Machinery Industry Association

China Belt Conveying Machinery Industry Association

Support Units:

Shanghai Conveying Machinery Association China Rubber Industry Association Hose Tape Branch

China Material Conveying Technology Committee China Material Conveying Technology Committee

China Industrial Belt Industry Association

China Heavy Machinery Industry Association Material Handling Machinery Working Committee American Conveyor Belt Association


Delphi Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

【Exhibition Overview】

中国国际输送机械及输送带工业展览会 ”每年举办一届,专业致力于全球物料输送机械及橡胶输送带领域国际贸易合作的高端平台,十多年来在组委会的精心组织下现已成为亚洲领先的输送设备展,在全球输送机械及橡胶输送带工业领域得到了业内人士一致认可,她同时对与推动中国输送机械及输送带行业市场的发展也有着极大的影响力,为国内外输送设备企业创造交流机会、加强相互合作更起到了积极的推进作用。 The " China International Conveyor Machinery and Conveyor Belt Industry Exhibition " , which was established in 2002, is held once a year. It is a high-end platform dedicated to international trade cooperation in the field of global material conveyer machinery and rubber conveyor belts. Under the careful organization, it has now become Asia's leading conveyor equipment exhibition. It has been unanimously recognized by industry insiders in the global conveyor machinery and rubber conveyor belt industry. At the same time, she has also greatly promoted the development of the Chinese conveyor machinery and conveyor belt market. The influence has played an active role in creating communication opportunities and strengthening mutual cooperation for domestic and foreign transportation equipment companies. Since the establishment of the exhibition, the scale and influence of the exhibition have been continuously expanding. It has become an annual industry event and a good win-win platform for people in the global material transportation equipment field. The 2020 Shanghai Conveyor Machinery and Conveyor Belt Industry Exhibition will be a professional sub-exhibition area under the Shanghai International Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition. It will be held in the same hall of the Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center and the Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition on May 7-9, 2020. More than 500 industrial chain companies participated, and the exhibition scale will reach 20,000 square meters.

建立广泛的宣传推广计划, 务求把展会介绍给世界各地的专业买家 [ Establish an extensive publicity plan to introduce the show to professional buyers around the world ]

l   Inviting designated customers to the exhibition for exhibitors, "one-to-one" invitations to "special buyers", seeing orders for samples, gaining a competitive advantage for exhibitors, and fighting for market initiative.

l   Promote the conference information through various sponsors, co-organizers, supporters and related units; the organizing committee will use the database established for many years to send 100,000 invitations to exhibitors and 300,000 tickets to domestic and foreign manufacturers and professionals in the industry , Order, negotiation;

l   Selectively publish exhibition information and advertise on outdoor brands, 管家婆期期准免费资料精选papers, professional magazines, TV stations, radio stations and international professional magazines, the Internet and other media in many cities across the country, including more than 300 professional publications and websites. And before the opening, the nationwide, East China, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta regions are widely invited to do three-dimensional and multi-directional publicity and promotion of the exhibition and on-site reporting;

l   Hold high-level theme lectures and technical exchanges, and invite celebrities to explain popular modern technologies;

l   Target audience: government agencies, design units of construction projects, construction units, construction units, industrial and agricultural production, electricity, hydropower, thermal power generation units, coal, steel, metallurgy, petroleum, chemicals, ports, logistics, automobile manufacturing, metal processing, Textile printing and dyeing, food, pharmaceutical, packaging, electronics, papermaking, and other companies' senior decision-makers and buyers and professionals attended the meeting;

l   Cooperate with a number of industry websites, open online exhibition halls and live broadcasts, so that buyers who cannot visit the site can also query exhibitor information through the network, and provide free promotion of industry websites for up to 3 months before and after the exhibition;

l   Actively seek and establish new agency relationships for exhibitors, enhance brand awareness, increase product awareness and reputation, expand market share, and promote product sales;

l   The organizing committee will print a variety of publicity materials such as "exhibition 管家婆期期准免费资料精选letter", electronic press releases, professional magazine press releases, invitations to exhibitions, visit guides, exhibition journals, on-site exhibition 管家婆期期准免费资料精选letters and post-show reports. Direct mail domestic and foreign industry insiders and buyers to publicize and report on this exhibition;

l   The organizing committee sent members to publicize and promote the Association at more than 30 relevant domestic and foreign key exhibitions, negotiate face-to-face with professional merchants, and organize targeted audiences.

[Rich and exciting activities to meet the multi-level needs of visitors and create more business opportunities for exhibitors]

上海国际智能制造展览会 ²Shanghai International Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition

第八届中国输送机械产业发展高峰论坛 ²The 8th China Transportation Machinery Industry Development Summit

中国输送带50强”评选活动 ²Top 50 Conveyor Belts in China

全球物料输送设备领域可持续发展论坛 ²Sustainable Development Forum in Global Material Handling Equipment

[If you are the supplier of the following products, please book a booth now!]

²   移置式带式输送机、花纹带式输送机、U形带式输送机;振动输送机、螺旋管输送机;气力输送装置;气垫搬运;辊子输送机;悬挂输送机;架空索道、输送机械等。 Conveying machinery: Displacement belt conveyor, pattern belt conveyor, U-shaped belt conveyor; vibration conveyor, spiral tube conveyor; pneumatic conveying device; air cushion handling; roller conveyor; suspension conveyor; aerial ropeway, Conveying machinery, etc.

²   金属输送带网和链条、不锈钢链条、链轮等。 Conveying machinery parts: metal conveyor belt net and chain, stainless steel chain, sprocket, etc. Wire rope conveyor belt, steel cable traction conveyor belt, stainless steel wire mesh, wire rope core conveyor belt, etc.

²   皮带清洁器、除渣机、斗式提升机、电磁震动给料机设备等。 Conveying auxiliary devices: belt cleaner, slag remover, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibration feeder equipment, etc.

²   各种类型电动机、减速机,变速机、电梯主机,保护装置,电控系统等。 Power and transmission devices: various types of motors, reducers, transmissions, elevator hosts, protection devices, electronic control systems, etc.

²   钢丝绳输送带、钢缆牵引输送带、尼龙输送带、涤锦输送带、棉及涤棉输送、聚酯帆布芯输送带、不锈钢丝网、聚脂布芯输送钢丝绳芯输送带、波状挡边输送带、波纹袋斗输带、花纹输送带。 Conveyor belt: wire rope conveyor belt, steel cable traction conveyor belt, nylon conveyor belt, polyester-nylon conveyor belt, cotton and polyester-cotton conveyor belt, polyester canvas core conveyor belt, stainless steel wire mesh, polyester core conveyor belt Conveyor belt, corrugated bag bucket conveyor, pattern conveyor belt.

²   同步带(PU、橡胶、特殊加胶)、三角带、多沟带、变速带、广角带、高速平带,输送网带、挡板式网带、链式传动网带、特殊网带等。 Transmission belt: timing belt (PU, rubber, special rubber), V-belt, multi-groove belt, variable speed belt, wide-angle belt, high-speed flat belt, conveyor belt, baffle-type mesh belt, chain-type transmission mesh belt, special mesh belt Wait. Conveying system and equipment: conveyor belt production equipment, testing instruments, etc.

[Exhibition Fee]

Standard booth (9㎡ / piece): Domestic-funded enterprise: ¥ 15800 Foreign-funded enterprise: $ 4200 Joint venture: ¥ 18800

Basic price of vacant land (area not less than 36㎡) Domestic enterprise: ¥ 1400 / ㎡ Foreign enterprise: $ 420 / ㎡ Joint venture: ¥ 1880

Organizing Committee Secretariat:

Contact of the Organizing Committee: Mr. Liu 137 7433 9408

Phone: 021-52962655

Website: www.shusongzl.com

Email: 13774339408@vip.126.com

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