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2020 The 12th China Chengdu Chemical Industry Exhibition

Venue: Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center Date: 2020/04 / 16-2020 / 04/18

Tags: Chengdu April 16, 2020

第十二届中国成都化工展览会 2020 The 12th China Chengdu Chemical Industry Exhibition

The Twelfth China Chengdu Chemical Industry Exhibition


绿色 智能 创新 —Green Smart Innovation—



4 16 日- 18 日 成都世纪城新国际会展中心 April 16-18 , 2020 Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center



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Sichuan Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology


Sichuan Chemical Industry Association

China Chengda Engineering Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Huanda PetroChina Exhibition Co., Ltd.


market Overview

China is the world's largest petroleum and chemical market, accounting for nearly 40% of the global market. It has huge production and consumption space, and has great potential for future growth. As China accelerates the implementation of major measures such as technological transformation and equipment upgrades, 5G commercial use, and the improvement of the consumer environment, the domestic consumer market and investment in major projects will be further initiated, and the market demand for petrochemical products will continue to grow.

Under the dual promotion of consumption upgrade and supply-side structural reform, the chemical industry will focus on the development of strategic emerging industries such as new chemical materials and high-end specialty chemicals. Under the dual pressure of clearing out backward production capacity and environmental governance, it will adhere to the recycling of resources, accelerate the construction of a green sustainable development method, and promote the green development of the chemical industry.

Wonderful • Comprehensive improvement

The last exhibition attracted nearly 300 well-known companies and brands from the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Belgium, Singapore, China, Taiwan, and other countries and regions to participate, fully displaying the latest products and materials in the chemical industry. , Technical equipment and solutions, Sichuan Oil and Gas Chemical Work Symposium, on-site technical lectures will also be carried out simultaneously. During the exhibition, a large number of oil, biochemical, pharmaceutical, food, feed, agricultural products, dyes, coatings, equipment manufacturing, Traders, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, decision makers, science and technology workers, procurement managers attended the meeting; from domestic and foreign well-known petrochemical engineering companies, large-scale chemical enterprises and institutions, as well as cloud, Gui, Sichuan, Chongqing, Shaanxi Provincial (municipal) Chemical Industry Association (scientific association), chemical industry park, respectively organized a delegation to visit, exchange and purchase. It is expected that 350 companies will participate in the 12th exhibition, with 16,000 professional visitors, and the proportion of international companies will increase.

Technical exchanges over the same period

、化工新材料发展论坛。 1. New Chemical Materials Development Forum.

、西南地区绿色化工发展研讨会。 2. Seminar on Green Chemical Development in Southwest China.

、西南地区化工行业(园区)污染综合治理大会。 3. Comprehensive pollution control conference of chemical industry (park) in Southwest China.

Buyer invitation and promotion

、与国内外相关石油和化学工业协(学)会、商会达成战略合作,邀请并组织其会员单位到会参观洽谈,提升观众质量。 1. Establish strategic cooperation with related petroleum and chemical industry associations (scientific associations) and chambers of commerce at home and abroad, and invite and organize their member units to visit the conference to improve the quality of the audience.

、主办单位拥有丰富的专业观众资源,印刷10万份邀请函,向相关的石油、生物化学、制药、食品、饲料、农产品、染料、涂料、装备制造、贸易商、科研机构、高等院校等领域的决策人士、科技人士、采购人士等寄送,邀请其到会参观、洽谈。 2. The organizer has rich professional audience resources, printing 100,000 invitations to relevant petroleum, biochemical, pharmaceutical, food, feed, agricultural products, dyes, coatings, equipment manufacturing, traders, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities Send it to decision makers, technologists, purchasers, etc. in the fields and invite them to visit the meeting and negotiate.

、利用主办机构自有的庞大数据库和互联网平台,定期向国内外石油和化工单位、设备企业、各行业用户、贸易商等发出近100万次电子邮件、短信邀请,邀请其参展、参观、交流。 3.Using the organizer's own huge database and Internet platform, it regularly sends out nearly 1 million email and SMS invitations to domestic and foreign petroleum and chemical units, equipment companies, users in various industries, traders, etc. communicate with.

、众多展商定向邀请自身客户群,到会参观考察、洽谈订货。 4. Many exhibitors invited their own customer groups to visit, inspect and negotiate orders.

、与国外知名行业商会形成合作,组织国际采购商到会。 5. Form cooperation with well-known foreign industry chambers of commerce and organize international buyers to attend the conference.

、在国内外的行业媒体、西南地区的主流媒体不间断地宣传推广。 6. Continuous publicity and promotion in industry media at home and abroad, and mainstream media in the Southwest.

Exhibition scope

、智慧化工: 石化电商、化工互联网、物联网、数字工厂等。 1. Smart chemical: petrochemical e-commerce, chemical internet, internet of things, digital factory, etc.

、基本有机、无机化工原料: 甲醇衍生物、乙烯、丙烯、苯系列衍生物等有机合成化学品; 2. Basic organic and inorganic chemical raw materials: methanol derivatives, ethylene, propylene, benzene series derivatives and other organic synthetic chemicals;

Barium, magnesium, potassium, boron compounds and borates, bromine compounds, chromium salts, cyanides, fluorine compounds, phosphorus compounds, and

Inorganic acid and alkali salts such as phosphate, silicon compound and silicate; activated carbon, calcium carbide, carbon black, titanium dioxide, etc.

、精细与专用化学品: 医药原料及中间体、天然植物提取物、精细有机化工原料及中间体、 3. Fine and special chemicals: pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates, natural plant extracts, fine organic chemical raw materials and intermediates,

Fluorescent brighteners, catalysts, surfactants, electronic chemicals, water treatment chemicals, ion exchange resins, flavors and fragrances,

Outsourced / custom-synthesized / consigned processing chemicals, auxiliaries, feed and food additives, biochemicals, oilfield chemicals, leather

Leather chemicals, daily chemicals and detergents, additives (plastic additives, special additives).

、化工合成材料及其原料: 环氧树脂、聚氨酯等高分子材料及原料、氟材料、硅材料及原 4. Chemical synthetic materials and raw materials: polymer materials and raw materials such as epoxy resin, polyurethane, fluorine materials, silicon materials and raw materials

Materials, nanomaterials, automotive, electronics, aerospace chemical materials and raw materials; civilian and special adhesives and raw materials.

、农用化学品: 农药、植保剂,各种杀虫剂、除草剂、杀菌剂原料及中间体等。 5. Agricultural chemicals: pesticides, plant protection agents, various pesticides, herbicides, fungicide raw materials and intermediates.

、染料、颜料: 染料、颜料及各种染料中间体。 6 , dyes, pigments: dyes, pigments and various dye intermediates.

、化工新材料: 有机氟材料、有机硅材料、工程塑料、功能高分子材料、纳米材料、膜材 8. New chemical materials: organic fluorine materials, organic silicon materials, engineering plastics, functional polymer materials, nano materials, membrane materials

Materials, special fibers, fine ceramic materials, and photosensitive materials.

、煤化工: 煤制烯烃、煤制油、煤制二甲醚、煤制乙二醇、煤制天然气等;煤气化、煤制 9. Coal chemical industry: coal to olefins, coal to oil, coal to dimethyl ether, coal to ethylene glycol, coal to natural gas, etc .; coal gasification, coal

Natural gas and coal chemical technology and equipment.

、化工生产、包装设备与节能环保: 搪瓷设备、干燥设备、分离设备、蒸馏设备、输送 10. Chemical production, packaging equipment and energy conservation and environmental protection: enamel equipment, drying equipment, separation equipment, distillation equipment, transportation

Equipment; storage tanks, tankers, containers; chemical packaging and storage and transportation equipment; control, analysis and testing instruments, laboratory equipment;

Pharmaceutical equipment, powder machinery, non-metal equipment; industrial gas preparation equipment; chemical water equipment, purification equipment; chemical industry

Complete sets of equipment; safety production and labor protection supplies; pumps, valves, pipe fittings, seals, fluid transmission equipment; environmental protection and energy saving, resources

Comprehensive utilization of equipment and technology.

、化工科技及服务: 化工高新产品、技术、新成果、化工合成材料及其原料、化工科研院 11. Chemical technology and services: high-tech chemical products, technologies, new achievements, chemical synthetic materials and raw materials, chemical research institutes

Institutes, universities, chemical software and information technology applications in the chemical industry, logistics, etc.

、化工工程、大型化工企业展示: 煤化工、化学、石化工程总承包及服务;大型化工企 12. Chemical engineering and large-scale chemical companies show: coal chemical, chemical, petrochemical engineering general contracting and services; large-scale chemical companies

Industry, local chemical park image display; chemical plant (park) investment and construction; warehousing and logistics management and services.

Exhibition Services

、在展览会网站、微信、快讯等,为参展单位进行展前宣传,提前享受展览增值服务。 1. On the exhibition website, WeChat, 管家婆期期准免费资料精选letter, etc., conduct pre-show publicity for exhibitors and enjoy value-added exhibition services in advance.

、免费为参展商提供展览邀请请柬,以便邀请客户参观展览。 2. Free invitation cards for exhibitors to invite customers to visit the exhibition.

、收集化工及化工新材料领域的市场需求信息,及时反馈给参展单位。 3. Collect the market demand information in the field of chemical industry and new chemical materials, and timely feedback to the exhibitors.

、在会刊上免费为参展企业刊登200字以内的公司简介或产品介绍。 4. To publish a company profile or product introduction within 200 words for exhibitors for free in the conference journal.

、提供专家现场咨询,展具出租、用电等现场服务和展期定期清洁及24小时保卫。 5. Provide on-site consultations by experts, on-site services such as exhibition equipment rental and electricity use, and regular cleaning and 24-hour security during the exhibition period.

、特装展位设计、制作、装搭或帮助联系展台搭建以及联系酒店住宿、旅游及订票等。 6. Special booth design, production, installation or help to contact booth construction and contact hotel accommodation, travel and ticket booking.

Exhibiting rules

、按参展合同表格式要求填好表格传真至大会组委会,组委会盖章回传后生效。 1. Fill in the form according to the requirements of the contract form and fax it to the organizing committee of the conference. Applicants applying for the exhibition should pay 50% of the booth reservation fee or the entire exhibition fee within one week after registration to ensure the confirmed booth. The balance must be paid before March 13, 2020, and those who register for the exhibition after March 13, Full payment of the entire exhibition fee within one week.

、参展规模在六个标准展位(或空地54平方米)以上,可优先安排显要位置。 2. If the exhibition scale is more than six standard booths (or 54 square meters of open space), priority can be given to prominent positions.

、展商汇出参展费用后,请将银行汇款单传真到组委会以便核查,发票在收到全额参展费 3. After the exhibitor has remitted the participation fee, please fax the bank transfer slip to the organizing committee for verification. The invoice will receive the full participation fee

Send it to the exhibitor after use or collect it during the exhibition.

、有关报到、布展、展品运输、住宿、展台搭建等会务事宜,主办单位在2020年3月13 4. Regarding conference matters such as registration, exhibition arrangement, transportation of exhibits, accommodation, booth construction, etc., the organizer will be on March 13, 2020

Send the "Exhibition Service Guide" and other materials to the exhibitors a few days ago.

Participation fee

、展位费用 1. Booth costs

Booth specifications

Domestic exhibitors

Foreign exhibitors

Standard booth (3M × 3M)

RMB 8600 / each

美元/个 1500 USD / each

Indoor open space booth (from 36m 2 for rent)

RMB 900 / sqm

美元/平方米 USD 150 / sqm

Note: a. Each standard booth is equipped free of charge: one negotiating table, two chairs, two spotlights, 500W / 5A load socket

One fascia board with unit name.

空地展位:不提供任何配置,展商自行负责展位搭建布置的各种费用。 b. Open space booth: No configuration is provided, and the exhibitor is responsible for the various costs of booth construction and arrangement.

、技术交流会(每场限15分钟,主题自定):人民币4800元/场。 2. Technical exchange meeting (limited to 15 minutes per session, subject-specific): RMB 4,800 per session.

Advertisement Call

The organizer will also collect and publish a special issue of the excellent green chemical enterprise, and combine it with the exhibition "Proceedings" to produce and distribute it. In addition to the professional user units, participants and exhibitors distributed during the exhibition, members of relevant cooperation units will also be adopted And the organizer's professional network sends it to the industry, and all relevant units are welcome to advertise.

Advertising in the catalogue (210㎜ × 140㎜):

Cover: 20,000 yuan Back cover: 15,000 yuan Color inner page: 5,000 yuan / version

Front cover, back cover, front page: 10,000 yuan / version Text introduction: 1,000 yuan / version

Other ads:

Invitation card (exclusive): 20,000 yuan / 10,000 copies Admission ticket (exclusive advertisement on the back of the exclusive tag): 20,000 yuan / 10,000 copies

Wall advertisement: 500 yuan / square meter Rainbow door of the square: 12000 yuan / seat

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