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2020 (19th) China International Chemical Industry Exhibition

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center Date: 2020/09 / 16-2020 / 09/18

Tags: Shanghai September 16, 2020

于1992年首次举办,28年来成功地举办了十八届,现已成为国内外石油和化工界广泛认可并享有盛誉的行业品牌展会。 “ICIF China” was held for the first time in 1992, and it has successfully held eighteen sessions in 28 years. It has now become a widely recognized and well-known industry brand exhibition in the petroleum and chemical industry at home and abroad.

由中国石油和化学工业联合会、中国国际贸易促进委员会化工行业分会和中国化工信息中心三大化工行业权威机构组织。 ICIF China is organized by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Chemical Industry Branch and China Chemical Industry Information Center. The products and advanced technologies of today's petroleum and chemical industry are concentratedly displayed, covering the entire petroleum, petrochemical, chemical and related industries; it has become an industry brand exhibition widely recognized by domestic and foreign petroleum and chemical industries, with active participation of enterprises and high influence. . The theme of the exhibition is "smart chemical industry—innovation leads the future". It explores the green, safety, environmental protection, energy efficiency, and scientific development direction of the petroleum and chemical industry, showcases the latest products and concepts of the entire chemical industry chain, helps the industry to develop, and builds synergy. Develop a win-win platform.

(第十九届)中国国际化工展览会将于2020年9月16-18日,在上海新国际博览中心举办,本届展会规模将超过30,000平方米,参展企业600余家,展会同期举办贸易洽谈、技术交流、经济合作、信息发布、专题会议等多场次系列活动,并召开“第五届国际智慧化工大会”,国内外知名专家、学者、企业家齐聚一堂,共谋行业发展大计。 ICIF China 2020 (19th) China International Chemical Industry Exhibition will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from September 16-18, 2020. The scale of the current exhibition will exceed 30,000 square meters, with more than 600 participating companies. At the same time, a series of events such as trade negotiations, technical exchanges, economic cooperation, information release, and special conferences were held, and the "Fifth International Smart Chemical Conference" was held. Well-known experts at home and abroad, scholars, and entrepreneurs gathered together to seek industry together. Development plan. Serving corporate progress, leading the transformation, structural adjustment, product upgrade, and green development of Chinese petroleum and chemical companies. ICIF China 2020 International Chemical Exhibition will continue to be co-located with the 20th China International Rubber Technology Exhibition, the 23rd China International Adhesives and Sealants Exhibition, and the 16th China International Petroleum and Chemical Water Treatment Technology and Equipment Exhibition The four exhibitions will cooperate to create the China Petrochemical Industry Week. The overall scale will exceed 110,000 square meters, and 100,000 professional visitors, buyers and traders will come to visit and negotiate. The relevant matters are notified as follows:


I. Organization of the Conference

Organizer: China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

Organizer: Chemical Industry Branch of CCPIT

China Chemical Information Center


Exhibition Name, Time and Place

(第十九届)中国国际化工展览会(ICIF China 2020) 2020 (19th) China International Chemical Industry Exhibition (ICIF China 2020)

Time: September 16-18, 2020 Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center


3. Exhibition Scale: Exhibition area of 30,000 square meters


4. Contents of the exhibition (In order to strengthen the exhibition effect and facilitate the participation and visit of enterprises, a professional exhibition area has been set up at the current chemical exhibition)

基本无机、有机化工原料展区: 甲醇衍生物、乙烯、丙烯、苯系列衍生物等有机合成化学品;钡盐、镁盐、钾盐、硼化合物及硼酸盐、溴化合物、铬盐、氰化物、氟化合物、磷化合物及磷酸盐、硅化合物及硅酸盐等无机酸碱盐;活性炭、电石、炭黑、钛白粉等; 1. Exhibition area of basic inorganic and organic chemicals: organic derivatives such as methanol derivatives, ethylene, propylene, and benzene series derivatives; barium salts, magnesium salts, potassium salts, boron compounds and borate salts, bromine compounds, chromium salts, Cyanide, fluorine compounds, phosphorus compounds, phosphates, silicon compounds and silicates, and other inorganic acid and alkali salts; activated carbon, calcium carbide, carbon black, titanium dioxide, etc .;

2 原油、溶剂油、石蜡及石油产品添加剂等;炼化 Comprehensive exhibition area of petrochemical industry and energy chemical industry: crude oil, solvent oil, paraffin and petroleum product additives, etc.

Integration, aromatics, PX, PTA, PET, chemical fiber, etc .; olefins, ethylene, propylene, TDI, MDI, etc .; coal chemical industry, natural gas, shale gas, hydrogen energy, etc .;

精细与专用化学品展区: 医药原料及中间体、天然植物提取物、精细有机化工原料及中间体、荧光增白剂、催化剂、表面活性剂、电子化学品、水处理化学品、离子交换树脂、香精香料、外购/定制合成/委托加工化学品、助剂、饲料和食品添加剂、生物化学品、油田化学品、皮革化学品、日用化学品及清洁剂、添加剂(塑料添加剂、特种添加剂); 3.Fine and special chemicals exhibition area: pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates, natural plant extracts, fine organic chemical raw materials and intermediates, fluorescent brighteners, catalysts, surfactants, electronic chemicals, water treatment chemicals, ion exchange Resins, flavors and fragrances, outsourced / custom-synthesized / consigned processing chemicals, auxiliaries, feed and food additives, biochemicals, oilfield chemicals, leather chemicals, daily chemicals and detergents, additives (plastic additives, specialty additive);

4 . 有机氟硅材料、工程塑料、改性塑料、高性能纤维、环氧树脂、 New chemical materials exhibition area: organic fluorosilicone materials, engineering plastics, modified plastics, high-performance fibers, epoxy resins,

Polyurethane and other polymer materials and raw materials, fluorine materials, silicon materials and raw materials, nano materials, automotive, electronics, aerospace chemical materials and raw materials; civilian and special adhesives and raw materials;

化工安全与环保展区: 化工安全生产技术、安全监测与应急防控技术与装备、化工环 5. Chemical safety and environmental protection exhibition area: chemical safety production technology, safety monitoring and emergency prevention and control technology and equipment, chemical environmental protection

Environmental protection technology and equipment, three waste treatment technology and equipment, soil remediation technology, occupational health products, etc .;

6 . 工业气体制备设备,泵、阀、管件,流体传动设备,搪瓷设 Chemical technology and equipment exhibition area: industrial gas preparation equipment, pumps, valves, pipe fittings, fluid transmission equipment, enamel equipment

Equipment, drying, separation equipment, tank cars, containers, control, analysis and testing equipment, laboratory equipment, environmental protection technology equipment, safety production technology equipment, non-metal equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, powder machinery, sealing equipment and accessories; chemical industry Complete sets of equipment and equipment;

7 . 绿色化工园区、智慧化工园区、智慧管理平台、智能工厂,科研院所、信息服务机构等;智慧化工新技术、书画行业大数据及物联网创新平台、人工智能新技术产品、智能制造新装备、最新计量及监控产品、自动控制技术与装备等; Smart chemical and intelligent manufacturing exhibition area: green chemical park, smart chemical park, smart management platform, smart factory, scientific research institute, information service agency, etc .; new technologies of smart chemical industry, big data of calligraphy and painting industry and innovative platform of internet of things, new artificial intelligence technology Products, new equipment for intelligent manufacturing, latest measurement and monitoring products, automatic control technology and equipment, etc .;

化学品包装与储运展区: 8. Chemical Packaging, Storage and Transportation Exhibition Area:

IBC 吨桶、塑料桶、PE阀口袋、纸塑复合袋、塑料编织袋、液袋集装箱充气袋、不锈钢容器、塑料托盘、木质托盘、周转箱、瓶盖、标签、清洗系统及包装设备等; Packaging: IBC ton barrels, plastic barrels, PE valve pockets, paper-plastic composite bags, plastic woven bags, liquid bag container inflatable bags, stainless steel containers, plastic pallets, wooden pallets, turnover boxes, bottle caps, labels, cleaning systems and packaging equipment Wait;

化工物流公司、存储设备、储罐设计与工程、专业仓库、罐区、港口、堆场等; Storage and transportation: chemical logistics companies, storage equipment, storage tank design and engineering, professional warehouses, tank farms, ports, storage yards, etc .;

Dangerous goods logistics technology and equipment.


V. Participation fees

Upgrade booth (from 9 square meters)

Standard booth (from 9 square meters)

Bare land (from 36 square meters)

Area A

人民币/9平方米 16800 RMB / 9 square meters


元人民币/平方米 RMB 1280 / sqm

Area B

元人民币/9平方米 13800 yuan / 9 square meters

元人民币/平方米 RMB 1180 / sqm

Area C

元人民币/9平方米 10800 yuan / 9 square meters

元人民币/平方米 1080 RMB / m2


Meetings and exchanges

The Fifth International Smart Chemical Conference will focus on the development trends of the petrochemical and chemical industries,

Lipei and chemical companies improve the level of production and operation management and energy-saving emission reduction and efficiency development, while serving the industry, ensuring the sustainable development of smart chemicals and green chemicals; creating a safe, environmentally-friendly, green chemical industry, and achieving the organic integration of industrialization and information technology .

During the exhibition, it is planned to hold more than 10 series of technical exchanges, trade negotiations, information release and other activities. Well-known experts at home and abroad are invited to give lectures. While improving the exhibition specifications, more professional users will be invited to attend the lectures and visits and exchanges. Exhibitors are welcome to hold new product and technology promotion conferences at the same time.


Seven, exhibition publicity

A large number of reports are planned in the four major 管家婆期期准免费资料精选papers of China Chemical Industry News, Information Morning Post, China Petroleum News, and Sinopec Newspaper Industry; China Chemical Industry Information Network, China Chemical Industry Network, China Wanwei Chemical Network, China International Chemical Industry Exhibition Network and other websites Report at any time; "China Chemical Industry Information", "Modern Chemicals", "Fine Chemicals", "Fine and Specialty Chemicals", "Inorganic Salt Industry", "Petrochemical", "China Chemical Industry Report" (English), ”And other dozens of professional journals reported throughout the year; carried out online publicity on more than 100 domestic and foreign chemical and related upstream and downstream websites and forums to further enhance the influence of the exhibition.


Audience organization

1 . The brand advantage attracts domestic and overseas audiences: The exhibition has a history of nearly 30 years of development, is large in scale and high in grades, and has been widely recognized by the petroleum and chemical industry at home and abroad. It has a strong brand appeal and has accumulated over the years.

2 Industry advantages attract professional visitors: Hosted by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, representing domestic authoritative organizations, leading the industry's development direction; backbone member companies actively participate, have strong cohesion, and represent the industry exhibition specifications and the latest development level.

3 Regional advantages are convenient for professional visitors: The rapid economic development in the coastal areas and the Yangtze River Delta region, and the strong commercial atmosphere of Shanghai's international metropolis has attracted many downstream buyers and users, as well as overseas purchasing centers and trading companies to visit the exhibition nearby.

4 . Direct mail / email coupon: to related petroleum, biological / chemical, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, feed / dye / coating

Industry, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, laboratories and research laboratories, manufacturing and processing industry and other management decision-makers, scientific and technological personnel, agency dealers, senior buyers, etc. issued 150,000 visit tickets. Beautifully designed electronic invitation cards, using the huge database owned by the host contractor, are responsible for sending out nearly 200,000 email and SMS invitations at home and abroad on a regular basis.

组团/定向邀请:向相关政府机构、各国大使馆、行业协会商会及技术学会赠送特别邀请函,邀请其组织专业用户团体到会参观洽谈,提升观众质量。 5. Group invitation / direct invitation: Give special invitation letters to relevant government agencies, embassies of various countries, industry associations, chambers of commerce, and technical societies, and invite them to organize professional user groups to visit the conference to improve the quality of the audience. Many exhibitors invite their own customer groups to visit, inspect, and negotiate orders. Through on-site explanations and demonstrations, customers can have a deep understanding and trust of exhibitors' strength and product performance, laying a solid foundation for bilateral cooperation.


Nine, registration methods

请仔细阅读参展资料,确定参展,填好报名表(回执)加盖公章后传真至中国化工信息中心,同时将参展费用汇入指定帐号。 1. Please read the exhibiting information carefully, confirm the participation, fill in the application form (receipt) and stamp it with the official seal, and fax it to the China Chemical Information Center, and remit the participation fee to the designated account.

2 The exhibition is divided into professional exhibition areas, and the corresponding professional exhibition areas are arranged according to the categories of exhibiting enterprises. According to the principle of the order of participation in the exhibition, the first registration and the first selection of booths.

3 After the exhibitors have remitted various expenses, please scan the bank transfer slip to our center for verification.

4 . Please fill in the exhibitor's information online and send it to our center as required to be published in the conference proceedings and online preview before the exhibition.


Ten, remittance account

Account Name: China Chemical Information Center Co., Ltd.

Bank: Bank of China Beijing Anding Road Sub-branch

Account number: 345458471376


Eleven, contact information

Contact: Jia Xiaoyun 18810660277

Phone / Fax: 010-64423183

北京市安定路33号化信大厦B座4层 Address: 4th Floor, Block B, Huaxin Building, 33 Anding Road, Beijing    

Postcode: 100029

Website: www.icif.cn

jia xy@cncic.cn E-mail: jia xy@cncic.cn

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