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2020 Shanghai International Material Analysis and Laboratory Technology Expo

Venue: Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center Date: 2020/02 / 19-2020 / 02/21

Tags: Shanghai February 19, 2020

长久繁荣 Industry steady market growth and long-term prosperity

With the strong support of the country and the unremitting efforts of materials researchers, China's material research level has continued to improve, especially in the field of new materials. As one of the three key technologies of the 21st century, new materials are the foundation and precursor of high-tech development. , Has become the source of rapid growth of the global economy.

2018 年中国科研经费投入19657亿元人民币,较上一年上涨11.6%%,位居世界第二位。 █ In 2018 , China's investment in scientific research was 1,965.7 billion yuan, an increase of 11.6 %% over the previous year, ranking second in the world.

长三角地区的经济总量占全国的24%以上,整体科研经费投入超过7000亿元,且每年以13%以上的速度增长。 The total economy of the Yangtze River Delta region accounts for more than 24% of the country's total. The overall investment in scientific research has exceeded 700 billion yuan, and it is growing at a rate of more than 13% each year.


汇集浦东 Material analysis , bringing together Pudong

With the rapid development of China's economy, with the upgrading of the national strategy, material research as a guide for economic development, the market demand in the field of material analysis and laboratory technology will increase significantly. Ciamite Exhibition, as the benchmark exhibition platform for China's materials research field, brings together more than 220+ well-known domestic and foreign brands to participate. The series of exhibitions held in Chengdu in 2019 covers an area of more than 12,000 square meters. Greatly strengthened Ciamite's position in the field of materials research and technology.


作为Ciamite的姊妹展,将立足上海、辐射世界,为世界材料界从研发、科研、试制、测试领域提供一站式服务贸易平台。 Ciamite.Shanghai, as a sister exhibition of Ciamite, will be based in Shanghai and radiate the world, and provide a one-stop service trade platform for the world's materials industry from R & D, scientific research, trial production, and testing. We strive to create a larger business platform, where new ideas can flourish; here professionals in the fields of material research, material testing, material trial production can participate in various special seminars, symposia and forums, and focus on the latest industry solutions . Our goal is to advance with China's materials research industry, and to become a partner in materials analysis and testing, laboratory technology and equipment companies to explore the Chinese market.


Ciamite.Shanghai 2020 的理由 Reasons for choosing Ciamite.Shanghai 2020

10000+ 1. Benchmarking in the field of professional analysis of domestic materials analysis and laboratory equipment, bringing together more than 10,000+ materials scientific researchers

10 年连续成功举办“中国材料系列会议”的实力与经验 2. The strength and experience of successfully holding "China Material Series Conference" for more than 10 years

200 家稳定的国内外材料科技行业参展商 3. Over 200 stable domestic and foreign material technology industry exhibitors

10 年材料科研行业积累的用户数据库,保证参展的收益 4. User database accumulated in the material research industry for more than 10 years to ensure the benefits of participation

20 5. Provide you with more than 20 professional and professional conferences in the industry

6. Good brand effect. The exhibition is the best way for Chinese material science and technology professionals to understand the market dynamics of the material analysis laboratory technology at home and abroad.

打造高效商务平台 Industry leaders gather to create an efficient business platform

l   Ciamite 展历年重点参展品牌,排名不分先后 The above are the key exhibiting brands of Ciamite in the past years, in no particular order

加强行业商贸配对 Focus on target audience and strengthen industry business matching

Colleges and Schools of Materials Engineering

Materials Research Institute

System Solution Provider

Materials Lab

Materials R & D and Technology Department

Trade, distribution, retailer

Third-party platform

Inspection, quality inspection

Investment and financing institutions

Material testing and testing agency

Government · Industry Association

Industry media

、邀请来自各级实验室采购部、应用部;材料制造企业研发及科技中心;第三方平台;材质品质管控部门;生产过程控制部;行业经销和零售商等 1 、 Invite purchase departments and application departments from all levels of laboratories; R & D and technology centers of material manufacturing companies; third-party platforms; material quality control departments; production process control departments; industry distribution and retailers, etc.

、更多贴合展商及买家需求的专业研讨会同期举行,全面提升参展效果 2. More professional seminars tailored to the needs of exhibitors and buyers will be held concurrently to enhance the effectiveness of the exhibition

、高端买家专享免费住宿﹑交通等尊贵待遇 3. Exclusive treatment for free accommodation and transportation for high-end buyers

、针对展商需求有针对性地进行买家邀请,提供展商/买家供需配对服务 4. Inviting buyers according to the needs of exhibitors and providing exhibitor / buyer supply and demand matching services

、重点邀请长三角地区的买家、采购商参观展会 5.Invite buyers and buyers from the Yangtze River Delta to visit the exhibition.


Exhibition content and scope of exhibits

¾ 超声波清洗器、超净工作台(超净台)、手套箱、天平、电子天平、分析天平、纯水器、超纯水器、纯水机、超纯水机、生物安全柜、水浴、油浴、恒温槽、洗瓶机、清洗机、氢气发生器、氮气发生器、马弗炉、电阻炉、试验炉、烘箱、干燥箱等 Materials research basic experimental equipment: ultrasonic cleaner, ultra-clean bench (ultra-clean bench), glove box, balance, electronic balance, analytical balance, water purifier, ultra-pure water purifier, water purifier, ultra-pure water purifier, biological Safety cabinet, water bath, oil bath, thermostatic bath, bottle washer, washing machine, hydrogen generator, nitrogen generator, muffle furnace, resistance furnace, test furnace, oven, drying box, etc.

¾ 粉碎机、研磨机、研磨仪、球磨机、烘箱、干燥箱、分散机、离心机、旋转蒸发器、涡旋振荡器、漩涡混合器、微波消解、微波合成、微波合成仪、微波萃取设备、均质器、均质机等 Materials research front-end equipment: pulverizer, grinder, grinder, ball mill, oven, drying box, disperser, centrifuge, rotary evaporator, vortex shaker, vortex mixer, microwave digestion, microwave synthesis, microwave synthesizer, Microwave extraction equipment, homogenizer, homogenizer, etc.

¾ 流变仪、折光仪(折射仪)、旋光仪、浊度计、浊度仪、色度仪、PH计、酸度计、密度计、密度仪、硬度计、粘度计、激光粒度仪、纳米粒度仪等 Physical and chemical analysis: rheometer, refractometer (refractometer), polarimeter, turbidimeter, turbidimeter, colorimeter, pH meter, acidity meter, density meter, density meter, hardness meter, viscometer, laser particle size meter , Nanometer particle size analyzer, etc.

¾ 扫描探 针、原子力显微镜SPM、AFM 扫描电镜SEM 激光共聚焦显微镜透射电子显微镜(透射电镜、TEM) X射线能谱仪(EDS) 金相显微镜偏光显微镜工具显微镜、测量显微镜等 Microscopes: scanning probes , atomic force microscopes SPM, AFM , scanning electron microscope SEM , laser confocal microscope , transmission electron microscope (transmission electron microscope, TEM) , X-ray energy spectrometer (EDS) , metallographic microscope , polarizing microscope , tool microscope, Measuring microscope

¾ 原子吸收光谱(AAS)、ICP-AES|ICP-OES、光电直读光谱仪、X射线衍射仪(XRD)、紫外分光光度计UV、红外光谱(IR、傅立叶)、荧光分光光度计(分子荧光)、激光拉曼光谱(RAMAN)、光纤光谱仪等 Spectroscopy: Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS), ICP-AES | ICP-OES, Photoelectric Direct Reading Spectrometer, X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD), UV Spectrophotometer UV, Infrared Spectroscopy (IR, Fourier), Fluorescence Spectrophotometer (Molecules Fluorescence), laser Raman spectroscopy (RAMAN), fiber spectrometer, etc.

¾ 电导率仪、电导仪、盐度计、扫描电镜、电子显微镜、波谱仪、显微镜、衍射仪、光谱仪、质谱仪、电化学工作站、色谱仪、镀膜机、刻蚀机、量热仪等 Photoelectrochemistry: conductivity meter, conductivity meter, salinometer, scanning electron microscope, electron microscope, spectrometer, microscope, diffractometer, spectrometer, mass spectrometer, electrochemical workstation, chromatograph, coating machine, etching machine, calorimeter Wait

¾ 蒸汽吸附仪、蒸气吸附仪、化学吸附仪、比表面及孔结构分析仪、闪点仪、燃点仪等 Surface analysis: steam adsorption meter, steam adsorption meter, chemical adsorption meter, specific surface and pore structure analyzer, flash point meter, ignition point meter, etc.

¾ 差示扫描量热仪(DSC/DTA)、热重分析仪/热天平(TGA)、同步热分析仪(STA)、动态热机械分析仪(DMA/TMA/DMTA)、导热仪、热导仪、热膨胀仪、熔点仪、量热仪、热分析联用仪、热分析仪部件及外设等 Thermal analysis: differential scanning calorimeter (DSC / DTA), thermogravimetric analyzer / thermobalance (TGA), synchronous thermal analyzer (STA), dynamic thermomechanical analyzer (DMA / TMA / DMTA), thermal conductivity meter, Thermal conductivity meter, thermal expansion meter, melting point meter, calorimeter, combined thermal analysis instrument, thermal analyzer components and peripherals, etc.

¾ 冷水机、冷却循环水机、纳米压痕仪、划痕仪、电子束刻蚀系统等 Nano-semiconductors, components: chiller, cooling circulating water machine, nano-indenter, scratch meter, electron beam etching system, etc.

¾ X 荧光光谱、XRF、有机元素分析仪、同位素质谱仪(Isotope-MASS)、 ICP-MS等离子体质谱、离子色谱(IC)、凝胶渗透色谱(GPC)、凝胶色谱、液相色谱(LC)、气相色谱(GC)、核磁共振(NMR)等 Material detection: X-ray fluorescence spectrum, XRF, organic element analyzer, Isotope-MASS, ICP-MS plasma mass spectrometry, ion chromatography (IC), gel permeation chromatography (GPC), gel chromatography, liquid phase Chromatography (LC), Gas Chromatography (GC), Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), etc.

¾ 电磁辐射分析仪、其他放射性分析仪器等 Radioactive analysis: electromagnetic radiation analyzer, other radioactive analysis instruments, etc.

¾ 万能试验机、扭转试验机、弯曲试验机、跌落试验机、跌落试验台、电压击穿试验仪、冲击试验机、疲劳试验机、压力试验机、引伸计、振动台、摩擦磨损试验机、拉力试验机、弹簧试验机、持久、蠕变试验机、平衡机、杯突试验机、弹性模量、阻尼分析仪、抗折试验机、附着力测试仪、柔软度试验机、加速度计、冲击试验缺口拉床、冲击试验缺口投影仪、冲击台、碰撞台、应力腐蚀试验机、减震器试验台、爆破试验机、高频试验机、热变形试验机、测力仪(测力计)、其他试验机等 Material testing machines: universal testing machines, torsion testing machines, bending testing machines, drop testing machines, drop test stands, voltage breakdown testers, impact testing machines, fatigue testing machines, pressure testing machines, extensometers, vibration tables, friction and wear Testing machine, tensile testing machine, spring testing machine, endurance, creep testing machine, balancing machine, cup protrusion testing machine, elastic modulus, damping analyzer, flexural testing machine, adhesion testing machine, softness testing machine, acceleration Gauge, impact test notch broaching machine, impact test notch projector, impact table, collision table, stress corrosion tester, shock absorber test table, burst tester, high frequency tester, thermal deformation tester, dynamometer (measurement Force meter), other testing machines, etc.

¾ 清洗、消毒设备、制样、消解设备、分离、萃取设备、纯化设备、混合、分散设备、恒温、加热、干燥设备、粉碎设备、合成/反应设备、制冷设备、泵、液体处理设备、气体发生器、气体处理、实验室家具、其它实验室常用设备等 Laboratory equipment: cleaning, disinfection equipment, sample preparation, digestion equipment, separation, extraction equipment, purification equipment, mixing, dispersion equipment, constant temperature, heating, drying equipment, pulverization equipment, synthesis / reaction equipment, refrigeration equipment, pumps, liquid handling Equipment, gas generators, gas treatment, laboratory furniture, other common laboratory equipment, etc.

¾ 色谱耗材配件、仪器专用耗材配件、气体发生器、通用实验室配件、玻璃器皿、色谱柱等 Laboratory consumables, accessories, standard products: chromatography consumables accessories, instrument-specific consumables accessories, gas generators, general laboratory accessories, glassware, chromatography columns, etc.

¾ 陶瓷制品、棉质制品、塑料制品、金属制品、纸类制品、橡胶制品、四氟制品、专用气体、移液器耗材、生化耗材、其他常用仪器等 Laboratory common materials: ceramic products, cotton products, plastic products, metal products, paper products, rubber products, PTFE products, special gases, pipette supplies, biochemical supplies, other commonly used instruments, etc.

¾ 实验室规划与设计、实验室搬迁服务、技术咨询、数据处理、仪器租赁、LIMS\软件、产品培训、可靠性测试、安装调试、维修保养、认证校准、其它服务等 Laboratory technology, outsourcing services: laboratory planning and design, laboratory relocation services, technical consulting, data processing, instrument leasing, LIMS \ software, product training, reliability testing, installation and commissioning, maintenance, certification and calibration, other services, etc.

3D 打印技术及耗材: 桌面型3D打印机、快速制造设备、成型机、三维激光扫描、光敏树脂、塑料粉末材料、金属粉末材料、ABS、PLA原料等 ¾ 3D printing technology and consumables: desktop 3D printers, rapid manufacturing equipment, molding machines, 3D laser scanning, photosensitive resin, plastic powder materials, metal powder materials, ABS, PLA raw materials, etc.

¾ Scientific journals, industry websites, publications

A variety of promotional combinations, more eye-catching

In addition to the booth, you can also book different forms of publicity including WeChat, official website online, live event conferences, live advertising, print advertising, etc. Three popular products are recommended for you now. For more publicity forms, please call 021-664271916 for consultation.


Conference and event sponsorship

The meeting focused on industry hotspots to gather precise audiences;

On-site presentations by business leaders highlight product advantages;

The independent publicity channels of the meeting effectively enhanced brand awareness;


Hot Meetings and Events

行业社交晚宴 Ciamite.shanghai Industry Social Dinner

主题沙龙 Ciamite.shanghai theme salon

More than 20 industry applied technology conferences


Pavilion billboard

Where visitors must pass through the exhibition hall, the average daily flow of people is over 10,000;

Accurately target customers and increase brand exposure;

Effectively attract the attention of your audience and help you stay ahead of your competitors.


Visitor Guide Advertisement

The visitor's essential visitor's manual, the audience understands the on-site exhibitor information and important channels for conference activities.


展现场掠影 Ciamite exhibition scene


shanghai.caimite.com For more details, please visit: shanghai.caimite.com


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